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9Health Fair

9Health Fair is Colorado's largest volunteer-driven, nonprofit health fair program serving over 100,000 people every year. 9Health Fair is an independent nonprofit organization with a 31-year history of connecting people to health through ongoing grassroots and educational efforts.

Founded in 1980, 9Health Fair provides free and low-cost health screenings and education to Coloradans annually. Our sole mission is to promote health awareness and to encourage individuals to assume responsibility for their own health. 9Health Fair believes that all Coloradans should have access to health.

9Health Fair’s proven history and consistent quality has earned it unique endorsements from the Colorado Medical Society, Colorado Nurses Association and the Colorado Hospital Association.

As part of Project Health Colorado, 9Health is elevating the conversation about access to health through volunteers, participants, friends and supporters, through educating and activating a broad network of people who care about access to health issues.

9Health Fair
(970) 224-5209
1139 Delaware Street
Denver, CO 80204

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