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Everyone has their own thoughts on what we can do to make health care work better in Colorado. Below are some of the suggestions that Coloradans like you have already shared.
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"When my family member or I needs to go to the hospital, I shouldn't have to get three, four or five separate bills. It's too confusing and makes it extremely difficult to budget and make accurate payments! From one recent ER visit I got a hospital bill, a separate bill from the ER doctor and another bill from a radiologist. Why can't the hospital just consolidate the billing? Afterall I just went to one place, not three places! I never even met the radiologist. "
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"Health care is great in our area, but in our rural area I have to send my families two hours in any direction to find Medicaid Dentist. We need to show how important Oral Health Care can effect the health of our children and families."
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"I would like to see more families be able to access Medicaid to ensure the adults get treated, in addition to the covered children. Without educating adults, we see a lot of children not getting their important well-child check ups or dentist visits because our community doesn't have any Medicaid dentists."
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"We must move forward with health information exchange (HIE) in order to share patient care information and improve outcomes. Generally, we lack the will and cooperation to embrace HIE. The western slope has been set back by the implication that COHRIO is available on the western slope and QHN has been placed in an awkward psoition in several communities do to perceived competition between the two organizations. It is time to move beyond these perceptions and implement the regional HIE's without further disruption. "
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"Medicare is a program of significant security for seniors. It removes insurance cost barriers for basic health needs. Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans can be added for little or no cost to extend benefits. Enrollment in these plans appear complex to some older Americans. Those who do not use computers, who cannot hear well on phones may not understand their options."
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""Should children have health care?" Of course. "Would you pay double your property taxes, income taxes and insurance premiums so that can happen?" Of course not. You need to ask a fair question. Congress thought everyone should have a house a few years ago; now the foreclosure rate has gone through the roof, property tax revenues are cratering and will continue to do so. We don't need MORE government interference in the medical market, we need less, or ideally, NONE. "
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