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Everyone has their own thoughts on what we can do to make health care work better in Colorado. Below are some of the suggestions that Coloradans like you have already shared.
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"The major insurance carriers should bear more responsibility - they make huge profits. We need reforms on the insurer’s ability to deny coverage."
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"DO NOT make every insured person pay for maternity benefits. My husband and I don’t like having to pay for this coverage for both of us. He is a 58-year-old male, I am 57, past child-bearing age. We don't want to pay for maternity coverage."
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"Do not decline people with pre-existing conditions."
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"Single payer seems to me the obvious solution to covering all. Until then, we have all the problems that the Affordable Care Act tries to address. I am looking at high deductible private insurance until I am old enough for Medicare and hope that Medicare isn't voucharised by then."
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"A major problem with all health care is that we keep trying to force it in to a business type model, one of supply and demand. That makes it seem that if you don't want it or can't afford it, you simply won't get it. But we all need health care at some point or another, and it costs . . . someone. "
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"Insurance Company's should be removed. They make profits while providers and patients pay excessive fees."
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