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Everyone has their own thoughts on what we can do to make health care work better in Colorado. Below are some of the suggestions that Coloradans like you have already shared.
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"What we need is less government regulation of health insurance policies. Every Government regulation has increased costs for consumers."
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"If you are not a citizen, pay a deposit prior to services and provide a means to pay for the services."
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"My guiding principle in all aspects of this discussion is this; People must be held responsible for their own decisions. Any policy that shelters one person from the consequences of their actions by sharing the cost of that action across the rest of society is a flawed policy."
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"Get back to basics and charge the same price for everything for every person. Make individuals accountable for the quality of life they live. If you're unhealthy because of personal choices you've made, then you pay more. If your healthy because you take care of yourself, you pay less."
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"Implement and improve the health reform law moving toward getting everyone into one risk pool and into a single system (equal access to care for all). Decouple health insurance from employment and for-profit insurance companies allowing premiums to be maximally used to provide and pay for acute and especially preventive care."
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"1. Allow self employed people to group with other self employed people. 2. Tort reform 3. Allow streamlined high deductible policies that allow. 4. Fight for federal changes. Local changes will not cure the federal mandates forced upon us."
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