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Cada uno tiene sus propias ideas sobre lo que podemos hacer para que los servicios de salud funcionen mejor en Colorado. A continuación te presentamos algunas de las sugerencias que ya han compartido con nosotros otros residentes de Colorado como tú.

A continuación, puedes votar tus favoritos haciendo clic en "Estoy de acuerdo" o "No estoy de acuerdo" junto a cada sugerencia.

"If you lose your job you can't afford insurance. It's impossible to get doctors to tell you what the costs are for procedures. They overcharge for everything, from the smallest item to repaying the costs of their machinery every week. I broke my wrist and it has not been cast correctly twice now. You wonder why we need change?"
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"Allow any resident of the state to join the state government health care plan and pay their own premium. That way those of us who are not part of a large group can join one. We are part of this group when it comes to paying for it, through taxes."
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"Increase access to health care choices and options through licensing naturopathic doctors in this state so people can have more options for safe and effective health care. Individuals should have the opportunity to seek health care that fits their lifestyle choices for addressing their well-being."
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"I have a problem with the use of the words "health insurance." I believe every child (and adult) should have access to HEALTH CARE. The difference between the two terms is critical."
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"Improving and expanding Medicare to include everyone would bring about the best results. We would no longer lose 30% of our medical dollars paying for the insurance bureaucracy that profits by denying our access to health care. Businesses would flourish once unsaddled by the burden of negotiating annual insurance deals. People would be so relieved to know they could change jobs, move, live without this over-arching fear about health care, suffering or bankruptcy. "
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"We need a comprehensive national health care program. Employer provided health care is just an ineffectual drag on wages in those industries that still provide an anemic facade of care. It is unnecessary and unethical to entrust this fundamental endeavor to the gluttonous insurance industry, thus imparting misery and mistreatment upon the American people. No one should profit from the suffering of another. "
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