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National Health Care Program

Randal L. (Thornton)
"We need a comprehensive national health care program. Employer provided health care is just an ineffectual drag on wages in those industries that still provide an anemic facade of care. It is unnecessary and unethical to entrust this fundamental endeavor to the gluttonous insurance industry, thus imparting misery and mistreatment upon the American people. No one should profit from the suffering of another. "

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eva s.
I have several solutions to the "health care crisis". One of them is to pass a law making it illegal for health insurance companies to earn a profit. If they were all non-profit entities then they would be able to make more care available to their members for the same fees. Insurance companies actually raise the prices that doctors and hospitals charge because they will only pay a certain percentage of the amount billed. For example, if a service actually costs the clinic $150 to perform and the overhead is $50, they must bill somewhere around $500 in order to be paid what they need to survive financially. That is a big problem if you have no insurance.
March 6, 2013