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Everyone has their own thoughts on what we can do to make health care work better in Colorado. Below are some of the suggestions that Coloradans like you have already shared.
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"The insurance industry and medical industry need to coordinate to provide decent service to patients. We pay all the money and end up doing much of their work figuring out the bills and allowable services. What a joke."
"If you lose your job you can't afford insurance. It's impossible to get doctors to tell you what the costs are for procedures. They overcharge for everything, from the smallest item to repaying the costs of their machinery every week. I broke my wrist and it has not been cast correctly twice now. You wonder why we need change?"
"I am self-employed and 70 years old. Until October of last year I had coverage. After I moved from Denver to Fraser, CO in October, I was dropped from my Medicare Advantage coverage which had no monthly premium and a high deductible. I also lost my pro-active physical health Silver Sneakers program. I went from zero monthly premiums to several hundred dollars per month because of a 70 mile move. Insurance providers should not be allowed to deny coverage or manipulate rates and coverage based on geography of residence. "
"REPEAL OBAMACARE!!! I cannot believe we are buying into the ideology that ObamaCare is going to fix the nation's health care issues. It has raised my premiums and lowered my coverages. "
"By law, require health insurance companies (and government plans) in Colorado to standardize based on consumer need and preference. A registry site would provide standard essential info for consumers with all limitations listed. Put information about registration and performance in the hands of the consumer. The insurance company and government has to comply and be accountable, not the consumer. They have too much power, the power needs to be in the hands of the consumer."
"I recently lost my job at 60 years old.I don't have insurance anymore because I can't afford it. I need to get a prescription refilled, but my doctor won't fill it unless I get a physical. I can't afford it. What can I do?"


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