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Everyone has their own thoughts on what we can do to make health care work better in Colorado. Below are some of the suggestions that Coloradans like you have already shared.
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"I want to know why it's not more simple. It seems like everything has loopholes and rules. It needs to be simple enough for everyone to understand your policies. It needs to be straightforward, but it is too complex and complicated."
"There needs to a nationalized form of keeping track of medical records. Paper records are not good enough. There is no need for government-run health care; if everyone could just be in the same database that would take care of it."
"There are not enough programs for autism. Colorado needs a "waiver" (Medicaid program) for autism. It is hard for children with autism to get services because autism treatment is not considered "medically necessary," so the kids are falling through the cracks."
"The mental health system does not work. Substance abuse treatment is horrendous. We are number 50 in the nation for taking care of our citizens with substance abuse problems."
"Support home health care."
"Let's make it a little easier to get health insurance. I've been looking at the health exchange website and it's crazy. Let's make it easy."


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